Insight called Dashboard – VA Matrix

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Dashboards have become far more common in organizations of all sizes and in virtually all industry types. Marketers spend a significant amount of time trying to identify the “right“ metrics and communicate them effectively to internal constituents in an effort to better understand (and in some cases even justify) the relationships between marketing expenditures and […]

Social: In Documentation Hell? find answers here!

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“Sorry Harsha, I haven’t been able to get back to you this week. It has been a week in Documentation Hell!‘, John (one of our customers) apologized to me over the phone.   “What happened John?”, I probed.   “It is the same thing as always” responded John “We have had a new growth spurt […]

VA Research: Insurance Visibility

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My Father was back from Church, on a pleasant Sunday Morning. The educative look on his face indicated that he might have found or learnt something new from the teachings. He walked in straight towards mom, who was busy preparing breakfast for us, carried her around the house with a huge smile, put her back on […]

Attitude Issues in YOUR Organization? Go Clubbing!!!

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For a long time I had given up on motivating people to excel. Given up, because I had tried everything possible and prescribed. From team huddles, to team outings, one on ones, power talks, external speakers,and online videos. Name it and I had done it. Yet, I consistently found three sets of people in every […]

Social Business Gaming Enterprise

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“I think I should just be a ‘B’ player in my organization. Jack tried to make a difference and was fired” announced Jane across the dinner table. I was shocked! Shocked because I was visiting friends and family over the holiday break and had visited with Jane after a long time. In all these years […]

Using Dashboards to Manage Companies to Succcess

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A short visit: I saw Tony Starks coming out of the airport terminal looking exactly like I had seen him 10 years ago. He is 6 foot 4’ and built like Iron Man himself. He was looking sharper than usual even after an 8 hour plane ride from Europe to India. Starks Enterprise had signed […]

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