Employee management

Culture as a management tool

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“Hey Guys! I love this place!!!” exclaimed Janett.   Janett was dressed in a casual ‘kurthi’ (The Indian top) and a long flowing skirt that was down to her ankles. Her hair was un-kept and despite her pale color (When compared to the Indians) and her naturally blond hair seemed to fit well with the […]

Social: 3 steps to creating winning teams!

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“I am having a tough year already! It is just the end of the first quarter and my company has already fallen behind!” confessed Paul (CEO of a fast growing, services company with several thousand people worldwide).   “From what I know about your organization Paul, you have to take the blame for it!” I […]

Time to bid goodbye to a faithful friend

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The email as we know it is dead! It is time to bid goodbye to a faithful friend   Tuesday, January 5th 2010, 07:00 hours   “I can’t find that email in my inbox, either!” exclaimed David.   “Come on David, we know it is there, both of us couldn’t have lost it. Let us […]