VA Research: Insurance Visibility

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My Father was back from Church, on a pleasant Sunday Morning. The educative look on his face indicated that he might have found or learnt something new from the teachings. He walked in straight towards mom, who was busy preparing breakfast for us, carried her around the house with a huge smile, put her back on […]

Value of the Trainer

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For a long time I have tried to put on weight (Yes, you read it right :-)) to increase driving distance when I play golf. I have tried everything including working really hard at the gym and eating right. I thought I had tried it all and failed. My weight has remained the same since […]

A customer’s value

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We have all heard of the phrase “The customer is right”. We have also heard of the phrase “The bible is right” (You can replace this by Kuran or Gita or whatever your religious preference maybe). This concept has been drilled into us with quotes from great people, “A customer is the most important visitor […]

If your business is not seen here you need help!

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  Let us face it, we have become more and more dependent on technology, so much that working without being connected seems ridiculous. As an early adopter to the internet it is no surprise to me that businesses are directly tapping their sales leads form Facebook, Linkedin, and other Social Media. As more and more […]

Five Questions with Vantage Agora

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The CLE is home to a great variety of tech firms, from software companies to web companies to IT services businesses, and even some hybrid companies that cross all those lines.  Recently, I spent some time with Vantage Agora, an IT company located in Mentor. The company first became a member years ago, and recently […]

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