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Best way of learning a trade secret

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In the last few months we have had several of our customers and prospects visit our offices at Vantage Agora. In all these visits we have learnt that the best way to know about a trade secret is to ask!   “What???” Our customers visiting Vantage Agora want to find out how their Vantage Agora teams are […]

A sure way to make money!

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In the last 20+ years, we have met more than 1000 “C” level people. At least 20% of them from Fortune 1000 companies. Literally all of them were big on the market – traded or invested in a big way, and yet most of them had no visibility into their own organization!   You may be […]

Penny Wise = Bad Business. You need to know why

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Around a year ago, one of our customer was pushing us to improve our productivity by 2%. We did everything we could from time study analysis, to process consultant, to even having people take typing classes!! Our customer argument was simple “I have to bring down my cost by 10% and I can do that […]