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Using Dashboards to Manage Companies to Succcess

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A short visit: I saw Tony Starks coming out of the airport terminal looking exactly like I had seen him 10 years ago. He is 6 foot 4’ and built like Iron Man himself. He was looking sharper than usual even after an 8 hour plane ride from Europe to India. Starks Enterprise had signed […]

Social: Driving Blind!

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Over the last few weeks, Sudhir and I have talked to a number of CEO, COO, and CFO and at some point in the visit with them each one of them has agreed to NOT having visibility or Control over the activities of their company to the extent they would like. What does this mean? […]

Back office Trends You Should Know!

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I recently read an article in one of the magazines that said, ‘Offshoring of back office jobs to level off’. This article explains why this statement could be incorrect.  While it is evident that there have been fluctuations in the offshoring market, it should be noted that more than a decade of offshoring and productivity improvements […]