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If You Want To Burn Money Then Do It Yourself!

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If you agree with this, you are burning money! Recently I read an article which went on to say that having partner company work on your back office processing is risky because your organization does not have any control over how your partner company works. It also stated that your company might be in trouble […]

Back Office Operations Success:How To Overcome ‘Good Times’

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Overcoming Good Times! Yes! With growth comes delivery issues like people, quality, timely delivery, service level, customer satisfaction. How are you equipped to handle this? The answer is simple, PPPP! Plan, People, Process, Projects.  Focus on Plan and People (Customers, Customer Service, Customer Service) people of your organization. Bring in partners that specialize in Process […]


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Here we go again!!! Its the season of calamities! Your business will be hit! You have a sinking feeling that your claims calls are going to hit the roof (Even if they already have not)! Yep! You are a seasoned business person. You know it is coming. Another tough time for your busiess. Is there […]

VA Research: Ensuring Compliance

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For a long time I have wondered how to effectively manage organizations. I was disgruntled as a manager. While I put on a brave face, I know I was not happy with the way my team and company operated. One problem always escaped me. The problem was simple. We have been told to Manage By Objective […]

VA Research: Getting the best out of the BOSS

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Health insurance companies are rapidly learning how Insurance outsourcing business processes allows them to address key issues without worrying about routine Insurance back-office functions. Companies that implement back office support services (BOSS) can grow their enterprises by focusing on core competencies including customer service, innovative plans, provider relations, underwriting and building networks. BOSS leverages service […]

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