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India and China as Options in Global Delivery Centers

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Introduction: What China is to the world for manufacturing, India is for services. The accelerated economic growth of both India and China in recent years has been a focus of significant policy discussion and analysis. On one hand, this growth is led by the IT Industry in India, and on the other, it is the manufacturing industry […]

VA Research: IT as a strategic tool

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We have all heard the phrase information is power. When we heard this phrase in B-Schools or business magazines or in a business discussion we all nod our heads in agreements. Let us face it. This is far from the truth when it comes to IT department in our own companies. Really in most companies […]

VA Research: Need for the expert

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“To become better than the best in today’s world of cut-throat competition & where time is money, requirement of an expert becomes a very essential asset, to gain a competitive advantage”. Does your company have the experts & their expertise to give you that competitive advantage?  Want to learn how to use an expert’s expertise to achieve […]