Tech Developer Launches Loss-Analysis App for Brokers

Tech Developer Launches Loss-Analysis App for Brokers

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  A new loss-analysis web application from Vantage Agora hopes to assist insurance brokers in marketing/remarketing accounts and negotiating premiums for clients and prospects.

The SaaS app is hosted on Vantage Agora’s browser-based “ox zion” platform, and combines claims loss data from sources such as a broker’s management system as well as carriers and third-party administrators. It is also intended to service program administrators and managing general agents with a “big-picture view of a book of business.”

“Insurance buyers and risk managers want more transparency to better manage their risk and premiums. They struggle to put together a complete look at their claim and premium data,” said Sudhir Achar, Vantage Agora’s CEO. “The new loss-analysis app gives brokers and wholesalers an actionable dashboard to serve those needs.”

Achar said the data consolidation should help brokers to make a more “powerful presentation” of a client’s account and negotiate more favorable and accurate premiums from carriers.

The application “equips the broker to better serve the prospect or client and fully understand the risk profile and needs,” he said.

The ox zion platform also offers a dashboard for financial and production management, including a “forecast to cash” overview of business, from pre-quote to premiums received.

Vantage Agora is an Ohio-based insurance technology provider that caters to agents, brokers, MGAs, program administrators and carriers.


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