The Gift of Giving!

The Gift of Giving!

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The Gift of Giving!

By Ashley Volney, Marketing Assistant

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

― Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur


A present is best when it comes from the heart. Gifts around the holidays can bring joy, build relationships and show how much you care. When the gift is for someone you love, it makes them feel appreciated and reminds them that they are an important part of your life. A present can be more than just a box with a bow; it can be a warm hug or a kind gesture. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is being present when the person you love needs you the most.


When asked what was the best gift they have ever given or received, the Vantage Agora team had to dig through their memories to decide what gift had meant the most to them, and surprisingly it was not an Official Red Ryder carbine-action, two-hundred-shot range model air rifle…


“The best gifts that I have received in my life are from well-meaning people that have yelled at me or chided me when I have made mistakes or I have been ignorant. It has helped me become a better person and a better human being. I believe only the people that care are comfortable enough and willing to tell you when you are wrong. As far as giving, I believe if we can change the attitude of the person, we can change the person’s life…”

– Harsha C


“Best gift was a surprise party for my 50th by my dear wife. Best gift given was having my family, Harsha, my good friends share a day at orphanage. We gave the kids school bags, chocolates, hygiene products, played games with them. The highlight was some of the older kids had made a very delicious meal for all of us.”

– Sudhir A


“My favorite gifts are the unexpected ones. It is great to know someone is thinking of you! When I was younger I did enjoy my white Barbie Ferrari. My brother put the whole thing together for me and I still have it to this day!”

– Allison S


“I received an official Liverpool FC Soccer Ball!”

– Vipul R


“Chrome Buzz Light Year – At that point, I knew my parents really loved and understood me.”

– Thomas B


“One year, Santa brought my sister and I a big blow up hippo ball pit! I think I remember it so well because it made my sister and I play with one toy together.”

– Ashley V


“The best gift I remember receiving for Christmas was a joint gift that my brother and I shared from our parents. It was the G.I. Joe headquarters base. This was a very memorable present as the whole Christmas morning was spent with my dad, brother and myself setting up the Headquarters base and putting on what seemed like 200+ stickers. The rest of the afternoon/ evening I enjoyed sharing this toy with my brother. This is a memory that I have cherished for quite some time and will do so for years to come.”

– Kevin C


My band director in high school at the beginning of the year asked me if I wanted to play a brand new flute for the year that had just come in. I was honored to be asked, but curious as to why I was chosen, because it was not just your ordinary flute. It was an open-holed flute with additional keys. On Christmas day, I opened a gift from my parents – and here it was my open-holed flute that I was playing with all year long and never knew it. They kept it a surprise the whole time. Now my daughter is playing this same flute.”

– Dawn K


Here at Vantage Agora, you won’t have to leave us any hints or wait until Christmas, because we strive to gift you our best service year-round. making the seasons bright (and organized) with our Business Operating System, OX Zion. We aim to help your company achieve Operational Excellence so you can start your New Year full of joy and cheer; that same joy and cheer that you felt as a child opening your favorite gift. If you would like to learn more about OX Zion, email us at We promise you won’t shoot your eye out!

Happy Holidays from our VA family to yours!


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  • RAMDEV says:

    It is nice feeling to know about the way people loved, admired and adored the gifts they received, how diverse and beautiful is this life! Happy Christmas to each and every one.

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