Making Waves: The Power of the BOS

Making Waves: The Power of the BOS

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The Power of the BOS

As the creators of OX Zion, of course we’re always gushing about the great things a business operating system (BOS) can do for a company, but we’re not the only ones. Organizations such as Gartner, the IT research and advisory firm trusted by countless businesses for its insights into the latest digital trends, are publishing analyses of the features and functions of the BOS. In fact, Gartner released a report in October 2016: “How a Business Operating System Can Guide CIOs to Digital Business Success.”


Why is the BOS getting so much attention?

Because CIOs and other business leaders recognize that a BOS provides end-to-end visibility that guides them toward effective digital business practices. Developing forward-thinking insights, capabilities and processes is vital to corporate success in this era of digitization. As companies look to align their strategies with their goals, improve customer relationships and experiences, monitor and manage their business operations more efficiently, and increase their agility in adjusting to ever-changing market conditions, they know that the BOS is an essential tool.


Why OX Zion Leads the Charge:

Vantage Agora was among the list of BOS vendors presented in the Gartner report. We are delighted that the word is getting out about our products and services. But here’s what a simple listing can’t tell you: Vantage Agora stands apart from other providers in both our expertise and our commitment to our clients.

Our team members brought a wide range of expertise to the BOS development process — in operations, technology, Six Sigma, Lean management, business process re-engineering (BPR) and business process management (BPM). We consulted executives regularly about what they wanted in a BOS, and we developed a cloud-based solution that enables success from ideation to execution.

We launched OX Zion last year and, already, 50,000 registered users in the insurance, HR, sales, information technology, healthcare and manufacturing sectors are reaping its rewards. This includes a Top 20 company on the Fortune 100 list that’s expanding into the logistics industry.


Here’s what users say they like about OX Zion:

  • Enterprise-wide business intelligence and visibility.
  • The potential for replacing or merging multiple existing systems into one easy-to-navigate platform.
  • Functions that create a closed-loop management process for all tasks, tactics and strategies.
  • Metric capabilities that provide clarity and objectivity relative to key performance indicators.
  • Features that include personalized dashboards and a CEO desktop for real-time data access, collaborative communication tools, built-in forms to digitize paper-driven processes, and gamification designed to engage and reward your workforce.


Wondering how OX Zion could support your vision of your company’s future?

Feel free to call our Customer Experience Specialist and see how we can help at 888.246.7211 ext. 128 or visit


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