The Stars are Here

The Stars are Here

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The VA Star Awards 2016-2017, was attended by more than 300 people from across the Operation and Product departments of the VA family. This was the biggest number that the stage had witnessed since its inception in 2009. The event saw some of the biggest names in our organization speaking about the progress that had been made over the previous year.

Sudhir Achar, Harsha Chaturvedi, Arvind Gopalakrishnan, Mehul Kenia, Thomas Balla, Yuvaraj Naidoo, Dhanya Hegde, Anoop Sam, Sherly Victor, Shirley George, and more players from the leadership team spoke not only about the growth of the company in regards to staffing but skill set, clients, partnerships, business lines, rebranding and the sacrifice that the team endured over the past year. The team work diligently to fulfill commitments by working weekends, holidays, third shift, change in leadership, etc. not only to meet the customer needs, but to meet opportunities as the obstacles were presented head on. We have one mission and one company.

The winners for the respective categories were:

  • Nishan Kumar for the Rising Star of VA
  • Adarsha V for the Best Employee Services
  • Anant Kumar for Best Employee IT
  • Navyashree R.G for the Best Lead and Sales Team (this category was chosen as the best team for the efforts they put forth in taking Vantage Agora and OX Zion into the market place)

Apart from the awards ceremony, there was also dance and musical performances that the teams organized to entertain and give additional energy to the already responsive audience. As the evening came to an end, the new stars of Vantage Agora ascended the stage while the music to ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen played, which was a perfect close to a perfect evening. As we move forward into 2017, we want to keep the momentum started from 2016 and continue to Grow!

Congratulations to all the winners and keep shining on!!!



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