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Transport Policy

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Transport Policy effective the 1st August 2008

Version control effective the 1st of November 2008

    1. All employees of Vantage Agora are entitled for transport facility provided by the organization

    2. The company would not provide door to door pick up/ drop for any employee of VA

    3. All employees have to come to a particular pick up point for their pick up and would be dropped in the same place.

    4. No smoking in the cabs

    5. No stopping the cabs for tea or any short breaks while travelling to and fro to the organization

    6. If any of the employee needs to get dropped to another destination apart from the daily pick up and drop the respective team members supervisor needs to approve it after discussion with the Assistant Manager Operations.

    7. The company transportation should not be used for any personal reasons

    8. If the employee is not using the company transportation for any specific day he/she needs to inform their reporting manager of the same and in turn the Manager needs to call the transport team and ensure they are informed.

    9. All employees should behave professionally in the cabs

    10. Lady employees cannot be seated next to the driver

    11. The cab would wait only for 5 minutes at each destination

    12. Any complaints about drivers and team members have to be escalated to their reporting supervisor immediately.

    13. All employees have to sign the trip sheet prior to arrival at work place

    14. No forging of signatures would be entertained

    15. The employee is responsible for his/her personal belongings; anything lost in the cab the management would not be responsible.

    16. Company transport will not be provided for employees who are extending their work hours due to non completion of their own targets within the stipulated operations hours.


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