We Are VA: Creating and Growing a Strong Brand Position in the Marketplace

We Are VA: Creating and Growing a Strong Brand Position in the Marketplace

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By, Allison Shumaker, Marketing Manager 

If you follow us on social media, have visited us at trade shows or been presented with any of our recent marketing collaterals, by now you have seen at least one, if not several examples of our 2017 VA Campaign. The VA campaign has helped to reinforce our primary brand color and produce a standardized, consistent, and professional identity across multiple communication platforms. It’s been a success with customers and employees alike. Let’s have a look at the origin of how this idea came to be.

What’s in a name? To begin with…everything. A company’s name plays an important role in brand growth and recognition. It’s the first thing customers see and essentially sums up everything a company is about. It’s also a company’s unique take on their industry. This concept was not missed on our founders when they chose the words Vantage Agora. A play on the word ‘advantage’ combined with the Greek word for ‘marketplace’ sums up the foundation of what makes our company thrive. Working with Vantage Agora gives our partners and clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

While people certainly know us as Vantage Agora, many people refer to us as VA. What started out as a fusion of our name and some clever typography has launched into a successful ongoing campaign that highlights our value of achieving Operational Excellence. More importantly, it showcases the personal values of our individual team members that help us to achieve that mission. We respect each individual VA employee and care about what is important to them because what sets us apart is what’s in our DNA; Our People.

In 2016, we implemented a DNA wall to showcase these ideals to visitors and to remind ourselves of it every day:

“Do one thing and do it better than anybody else in the world.”

“Vantage Agora is built upon this simple value.

We pledge to deliver Operational Excellence.

We work to achieve this goal every day.

We help our clients break new ground and reach the impossible.

We live up to our core value because it’s in our DNA.”

In 2017 we have crafted the VA Campaign, with the elemental DNA of our people at the core, into a library of 50-plus VA words. Utilizing compelling imagery, each word also has a unique sub-headline that begins with a ‘Because’ statement. This statement reinforces how that word, chosen individually by each team member, relates to their own ideas of achievement, success and prosperity. Perhaps the most important aspect of the campaign is that it allows our employees to engage in our brand and highlights them as the differentiator for our company.

At the end of the day, having employees that are proud to work for your company speaks volumes. It also leads to prospective employees wanting to work for you, and ultimately, satisfied clients and successful partnerships. Never underestimate the power of a name and the power of your brand. Most importantly, never take for granted the value of the meaning and the people behind that name. We are VA!


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