VA Research: Need for the expert

VA Research: Need for the expert

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“To become better than the best in today’s world of cut-throat competition & where time is money, requirement of an expert becomes a very essential asset, to gain a competitive advantage”. Does your company have the experts & their expertise to give you that competitive advantage?  Want to learn how to use an expert’s expertise to achieve your business goals then read on, in this edition of Agora Times we look at the importance of “the need for an expert”.

If you look up a dictionary for the meaning of an expert, you would probably find that an expert is generally, a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. This is the kind of expertise which is gained over a period of time from constant exposure to a particular area of study.

  • By having an expert on your side you can make quicker & reliable decisions,  researching and writing comprehensive insurance estimates within lesser duration of time.
  • Policies and endorsements can be delivered on time with minimal errors. 
  • The experts could create a knowledge database which could be used by other employees & many other such countless possibilities exists.

A better understanding of this concept can be achieved by reading the example below.

Insurance company A & B both are well established & reputed companies in territory 1. One afternoon territory 1 is suddenly struck by an earthquake & there are heavy losses. Company A using their experts expertise was able to handle the catastrophe claims with ease but since insurance company B did not have the expertise required to handle such catastrophic situation they could not settle claims on time & this led to bad faith among many of their insured who in turn sued company B. Company B lost a lot of business in the coming months due to their inefficiency at assessing & settling claims.

You saw through the above example how much of a difference an expert can make. Your operations can easily be called as the heart of your company, and who would you go to if you want to tend to it, an expert or a quack???

While you (Our customer) are experts at being producers (Getting and servicing commercial insurance customers) we are experts in back office operations and executing to the commitments of our insurance, finance and manufacturing service. While you want to be the best at serving customers in the insurance space, we strive to be the best in back-office operations. We are confident that when you join hands with us you will gain 30-40% savings to the bottom-line not just through cost advantage but because of process efficiencies that we can bring to the table.

Go on and make the call. We are sure we can help you.

About Vantage Agora:

Vantage Agora (VA) is a global provider of back-office solutions, custom IT services and consulting services for companies in the insurance, finance, and healthcare sectors. As a SSAE 16 Type II audited company, Vantage Agora utilizes advanced data processing and quality control systems on a secured network to ensure efficient, comprehensive management of back-office functions such as insurance, accounting, financial and administrative tasks. Founded in 2004,Vantage Agora has offices in Cleveland and Dallas.



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