Accelerate Personnel & Project Performance via the Enterprise Social Platform

Accelerate Personnel & Project Performance via the Enterprise Social Platform

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Managing People, Projects, and Processes to Excellence

Imagine a service that combines the informality of social media with the context-rich environments of email, document management, project tracking, and performance measurement. Together, they would form a Project and Performance Management environment that tracks, logs, refines, audits, and reports on the daily (or hourly, or by the minute) performance of people, projects, and processes.

Add in key Six Sigma principles and gamification methods to calibrate and report on an individual, team, department, etc. basis. Finally, provide an Executive Dashboard (“Command Center” display) for Business Intelligence decision-making.

Think this is ESP? Well, you’re right…up to a point. Enter the Enterprise Social Platform. ESP offers you the flexibility of social media, combined with the proven disciplines and practices of Project Management, Performance Management, and Six Sigma to drive up the productivity of your people, projects, and processes adding value across your entire enterprise.

Operational Excellence

in general, executives and leaders require six things to successfully run their organization:

Market-based Decision Making (Top Line Sales; Marketing; Product/Services)
Operational Visibility (Sales, General & Administrative; Cost of Good Sold, etc.)
Integrated Communications
Performance Management and Employee Empowerment
Compliance & Audit
Organizational Learning
Unfortunately, few organizations have the ability to effectively manage each of these six dimensions, let alone view them as a single, integrated dashboard. If they have them at all, each functions as a self-standing silo with no — or very little — integration or concern for each other dimension. At best, reporting is haphazard, untrustworthy, and historical.

Your Command Center Into Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Everyone talks about ‘executive dashboards’ and there are certainly plenty of tools that provide exceptionally good views of data. However, many dashboard pose significant IT architecture issues, including, but not limited to integration problems, disparate application languages, and “missing in action” data. Unless there is complete integration, the chance for key pieces of data to be lost or not included is high. Self-contained portal dashboards can’t be easily integrated between each other. The one-size-fits-all dashboard may be clunky to operate when you’re looking for multiple levels of granularity. Each dashboard may also have its own way of communicating further complicating the aggregation and dissemination of information.

Unlike an executive dashboard, ESP functions as an integrated command center. You start with including the organization’s mission, vision, values and goals (an actual activated feature within the command center). From there, you establish a tree structure that accurately shows your Sales/Pipeline, Operations, Standard Operating Procedures, Projects/Tasks/Tickets, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and Communications (email/IM/Blogs), all conveniently available in one, fully integrated platform.

You are no longer tied to historical perspectives. Now, you can view real-time, up to the second actions concerning people, projects, processes, policies, and performances. Whether you’re interested in the latest updates on a project (fully integrated to Gantt charts) or you need to demonstrate compliance to your IT Security auditors, ESP is there for you to accurately show the “who, what, when, where, how, and why” (don’t forget about RCA and Six Sigma) of your operations.

Enterprise Social Platform that makes managing  people, projects and process easier.


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