Operation Excellence: Running your company as a Game

Operation Excellence: Running your company as a Game

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Can companies be run as a game? Does social judgement nudge a company towards success? At Vantage Agora (VA) these are no longer questions but a reality. ox zion, its flagship product is built ground up on the principles of Operational Excellence incorporating gaming and social judgement.

After seeing astonishing improvement in productivity and morale of employees within the company, VA now wants to share its success with rest of the world. TedX was the first step towards this.

To learn more how gaming and social judgement can help you : Call us @1-888-241-7211 or go to clubva.com

What is OX?

OX is “Doing more with what you have” by aligning your organization its people, process and projects to your strategy such that it is executed consistently and reliably.

Why OX?

Operational excellence (OX) is a competitive advantage: it translates to improved customer satisfaction, motivated and engaged employees and increased revenues.


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