Value 10: When Our Backs are to the Wall, It’s Showtime!

Value 10: When Our Backs are to the Wall, It’s Showtime!

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When Our Backs are to the Wall, It’s Showtime!

It’s not necessary that things always go according to plan. Sometimes things align with the plans perfectly, but other times we have to deviate from plans in order to complete the task. Sometimes, all hell breaks loose in the process and we’re then forced to go with the flow, searching frantically for an alternative to get things back on track. In any case, we must accept one thing; There will be countless moments in our life when the chips are down and our backs are to the wall (it could be both personal or professional). The important thing is to face these moments head-on and come out ahead on the other side. We all know people who are resilient and bounce back even from the most adverse scenarios. All they need is motivation from within to rise above the negative and come back even stronger. Vantage Agora’s final commandment is an ode to such people because we believe that ‘When the chips are down and our backs are to the wall, it’s Showtime!’

At Vantage Agora, we believe that adverse times provide an opportunity to learn what you are made of – all it takes is a positive outlook. Here are some points that can help you reach that state of mind when adversity strikes.

  • Surround yourself with support – When times are hard, we may discover who our true supporters are. It’s always good to have someone to lean on when things are looking down. Family steps up and friends become your extended family. Instead of judgement, they will lend an ear and instill confidence to help us dig our way out of the hole.
  • Keep Moving Forward – One way of fighting through when the chips are down is to quit looking back and start moving forward. Each step forward is an achievement, even the smallest of steps. Like Martin Luther King once said – “If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”.
  • Write Down New Goals – This gives us an opportunity to sit back, think and reinvent ourselves. Take this time out to write down all of your future goals so that you can use the downtime as a springboard for something better. These goals will give you renewed inspiration and give you the drive to shift life into a different gear.
  • Have Some Fun – When you find yourself in a rut, it may just be the perfect time to have some fun. Spending time with friends or doing something you love will lift your spirits and relieve your mind of your worries so that when the time is right, you will have more strength to face your fears and get back in the game.
  • Embrace Positivity – Take the time to read, watch or listen to positive things. The repetition of positive thoughts is sure to lift you out of the dumps and prepare you for the big show.

They say that the universe loves a believer. Keep believing, greet adversity with a smile and it will begin to weigh in your favor. Remain steadfast against the opposition and you can’t lose. Remember, after all is said and done, when the chips are down and our backs are to the wall, it’s Showtime!


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