Value 2: Think Like the CEO

Value 2: Think Like the CEO

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Value 2: Think Like the CEO

No matter the stream of work, everyone reaches a point where they must make decisions. A point where they have two options in front of them, either to wait for the superior’s call or to make the move and do what they feel is right. This is the point that separates the leaders from the followers. The safe bet they can take (if they want the safe route) is to wait for the superior’s call on the particular task and follow it. The second option is a little more complex. In business, time is money and it is not meant to be wasted. If a moment arrives when your superior is not available at a needed time, waiting for his/her opinion could waste time and could, thus, make a loss for the business which is not appreciated. It is at this point that you as an employee should make the call. Think like the CEO and do the right thing that you feel would do justice to the situation at hand. It is very much like what Robert Frost put on paper, “two roads diverged in a wood.” Choose the road less taken and think, act and feel like the CEO being accountable for your decisions at every point of time. Thus, comes the second Value of Vantage Agora, ‘Think Like the CEO’.

You are probably the best judge of your ability to think big. Expose yourself to the right people and challenge yourself both vertically and horizontally and your ability to think big will grow. There are two more attributes that help you on your road to thinking like a CEO.  First, always have a positive attitude that replicates the one that your CEO has and keep spreading the positive vibes that inspire others around you as well. Secondly, adopt an outlook that is always seeking ways to improve. Always believe in the possibility of improvement and going that extra mile to do things better than anybody else in the world.

Actions speak louder than words. Catch the positive vibes from the CEO and try to replicate it in your everyday work life. The positive attitude and outlook to improve should be modeled into the organization slowly and steadily so that everyone on the team is willing to take the road less traveled and think independently with respect to the values of the organization. Verbal communication also plays a major role here. Speak with positivity and spread the vibe. Make sure that you make the big picture clear for everyone working with you so that even they are able to make decisions with this bigger picture in mind.

With all these traits and the ability to think freely, all you need is time to make the transformation from being just another team member to that special team member. Think like a CEO and see the difference it brings to you, both personally and professionally.


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