Value 4: Put People Over Things

Value 4: Put People Over Things

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Put People Over Things

In the present day, businesses are growing at a rapid pace. In the quest for growth, bosses put their focus on profits, percentages and production. Doing this may result in the formation of a workforce which is confused and out of touch with the fundamental values that matter most to them and the organization as a whole. This process is not sustainable to make a long term impact. Leaders must transform their organizations from being profit-centered to relationship-centered businesses filled with positive energy and empowered employees. This could bring along a wonderful change, as employees enjoy more freedom and see their worth, inspiring them to achieve their full potentials. This is the 4th Value of Vantage Agora—’Put People Over Things’.

When you put people first, profits are sure to follow. Consider these tips to mold a more relationship-focused organization that could have the capability to change the world.

  • Define the Organization’s True Vision  Every organization has a vision and culture of its own. A good leader conveys this message to his or her employees, making sure they are aligned with the values of the organization. This can inspire employees to go the extra mile.
  • Focus on Values – Organizations thrive on profits, but that shouldn’t be the only goal of any organization. Companies should uphold a certain set of values and morals, striving to inspire all employees to do the same. Leaders should look within themselves to identify personal values and build the focus around those. The organization will profit and attract people with similar mindsets.
  • Mentorship  It makes sense to look to those who’ve gone before you for advice. The experience of seniority is always valuable for a newcomer in the organization. Leaders should understand this and share their insights with the greater organization. This will increase the knowledge quotient, as well as help the organization gain more productivity.
  • Encourage Self-Leadership – The change should start from within. Every employee from the floor to the top should be able to make decisions on their own while being held accountable for it. This freedom will give rise to ideas that would not have surfaced otherwise.
  • Build Trust – Trust is the biggest aspect that affects growth. Build a bridge of trust with the employees through mutual respect and, as their leader, guide them forward with positivity. This helps in instilling confidence within the employees which will empower and inspire them to do a better job.

Customer experience is the sum of every interaction he or she has with a company, its products, services and its PEOPLE. This forms the value for the brand and companies that view their people as assets will always ends up reaping what they sow.


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