Value 5: I Am the Root Cause for All Failure

Value 5: I Am the Root Cause for All Failure

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I Am The Root Cause For All Failure 

Failure is an integral part of life. It can happen anytime and anyplace. At the peak of your success or when you are down and out, failure can always be right around the corner. Many times, failure can be hard to take, and even a small setback can make us feel weak and exposed to more negativity. For the persistent person, failure is just another aspect of life. They welcome failure as a stepping stone and use it as the foundation for a better effort. When failure happens, taking accountability can be the hardest part. Sometimes no one wishes to take responsibility of the negative incident and would rather run away from it. This is what differentiates the leaders from the rest of the crowd. A leader takes responsibility of the error and accept it. They believe that they are the root cause of failure and keep themselves accountable for it. This belief is the fifth value of Vantage Agora, the belief that ‘I am the root cause for all failure’.

Any organization or person meets with failures at some point in time. It is an unavoidable factor in the journey of life. The primary understanding that needs to be present is that failure is not the end of the road, but rather, just a detour. A true leader keeps himself/herself responsible for the failure, even if it was not directly their fault. They consider themselves the root cause for all failure. A leader believes that it is because of some mistake from his/her side that the team wasn’t able to complete the task correctly. They don’t run away from failure and this is one of the biggest strengths an individual can possess; the perseverance and courage to hold oneself responsible for failure or mistakes. This can decrease the blame game within the organization and save a lot of time and energy. For this to happen, we must face our fear of failure. We should be willing to take up the challenges and work for success even if it is difficult and chances are high that we may not succeed. Even if we do not succeed, we can learn something new from the failure and make sure that we do not repeat the same mistake again.

Wear this acceptance of failure and confidence as your armor. Keep taking risks that may be good for you and your organization in the long run. If it pays off, great! If it doesn’t, then accept it and take the experience as a lesson. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Take the leap, because even a phoenix must burn in order to emerge from its ashes. Be accountable for your decisions and move forward without fear of failure. Fail and fail again, but never stop trying.


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