Value 6: Quick to Fail, But We Will Never Do It Again

Value 6: Quick to Fail, But We Will Never Do It Again

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Quick To Fail, But We Will Never Do It Again

Though it is inevitable, as we covered in Value 5, failure is never the end of the road. It is just a detour that you must take before reaching your destination. One thing to remember is that you should never take that detour again. Most of us dread failure. We do not like discussing it and try to hide from it. However, this is not a good way to go about it. Most new innovations fail. Innovators must experience failure much like a toddler learns to walk. He/she will fall, get back up and keep trying until one fine day, the balance is perfected and the feet are stable. We need to accept that failure is an inevitable part of the process. Innovation, as the word suggests, is something new and untapped. The whole essence of it is that it has never been done before. Making failure a taboo would hinder the innovative skills of the individual or the team. Let failure be a part of the game, but once you meet it, make sure that you learn from it and never repeat the same mistake again. This is the 6th value of VA – ‘Quick to fail, but we will never do it again.’

Here, the word ‘fail’ quickly implies that if we fail today then we can be smarter and make better decisions tomorrow. All that is needed is the process and systems to catch failure in its initial stages. It is a way in which an individual or a team can walk away from a process that much smarter and happier, with knowledge that will prove useful in the future. It is okay to fail – just don’t let the fear of failure keep you from reaching your goals. Get up when it knocks you down and push harder to overcome the barriers that stand in your your way. In all probability, the most successful people have more failures than the average person because they have had more experiences, good and bad. The trick is that they pick themselves up and shake it off instead of thinking about the failure for too long.

Never quit after a failure. Keep moving forward until you’ve had so much failure that the only possible outcome left is success. Just remember that understanding failure is important, not because it is good to dwell on mistakes, but because we cannot try new things without it. And without anything new, the world would be a boring place to live. Do not forget to reflect on the mistakes, because that is crucial in learning and growing. Work hard, try hard, fall hard, live hard and rise up to new heights.


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