Value 8: Look Sharp, Feel Good, Do Good; People Will Remember You

Value 8: Look Sharp, Feel Good, Do Good; People Will Remember You

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Look Sharp, Feel Good, Do Good – People Will Remember You

When people remember us after our time on this blue planet of ours, that’s when the world knows that we made a difference. In order to be remembered by the world, we have to cross a chasm; A chasm that is hard to cross but once we take that leap of faith, everything changes inside us and around us as well. This leap of faith is all that it takes to transform us from being just one among the crowd to a leader, the lone wolf that starts a movement. Three factors help us on our journey through this leap of faith. Look sharp, feel good and do good. If we combine these three habits consistently, then greatness is sure to follow. And with this greatness, people are destined to remember you for your deeds. Thus comes the 8th Value of Vantage Agora – ‘Look Sharp, Feel Good, Do Good – People will remember you’.

Maintaining a combination of all the three characteristics is certainly not an easy task, but no good thing ever comes easy. It requires dedication and consistency to achieve results and reach the point of no return. People always have a thing for someone who looks sharp. It is commonly known as the Warren Harding Error (name derived from the former President of the United States). According to this concept, people usually tend to believe and trust a person who looks sharp and confident. This is a trait of the subconscious mind and it is triggered for almost all individuals. If you look sharp and confident, people will have a tendency to trust you. But don’t take advantage of the trust others have in you. Make sure that you can back it up and that there is more in you to trust than just looks.

We feel good when we do the things we love. So live your life doing things that you love so that you feel good at every turn. The final point is to do good. People remember both good and bad personalities, but they glorify the good ones and dishonor the bad ones. Be the former and let people glorify you from the bottom of their hearts. For this you have to do good. It doesn’t matter if the deed you are doing is big or small, a lot of small good deeds can one day lead to a greater good. Keep being a combination of all the three. Slowly you will reach the point where people remember you for the person you are and the things that you do. After all, it’s what we have done that makes us who we are. So let your good deeds define you. Keep being you and doing the things that you love. This will make you feel good and make others feel good in return. Look sharp, Feel good, Do good and people will remember you for it.


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