Value of the Trainer

Value of the Trainer

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For a long time I have tried to put on weight (Yes, you read it right :-)) to increase driving distance when I play golf. I have tried everything including working really hard at the gym and eating right. I thought I had tried it all and failed. My weight has remained the same since undergrad :-(!!!

Recently a new gym instructor joined our golf club and he is has started working with me. He has challenged me that he going to make me win the longest driver prize in the club championship. When he first said this, I laughed and said, “I have tried everything and nothing seems to be working.” 

To this he simply smiled and we started working out.

On the 5th session, we were working on the core muscles, and I told him “I can start with 25 crunches for the first set.” 

He told me to change my hand position and just try three. 

I couldn’t even do ONE crunch!!!!


Why am I telling you this story?

There is no difference to the process of improving your body or your company.

When we show customers/prospects on how their company is doing using VA Matrix – The Visibility tool, we see a variety of reactions, ranging from a state of shock to that of elation. 

Meaning, when you are trying to ‘Execute Strategies to Success’, you need a partner that can think outside in, bring in industry best practices, provide value on ground to execute better, along with improving visibility to help our organization execute better.


Back to crunches…

I have slowly started my way up from the bottom and I know I will get there given that I am now working out and eating the right way. Thanks to my new trainer!

Do you have your company trainer and visibility tools to ‘Execute your strategies to success’? Get one before it is too late.

If you would like to improve your company operations and visibility please free to get in touch with anyone of us at Vantage Agora and we will be glad to help you!

About Vantage Agora:

Vantage Agora (VA) is a global provider of back-office solutions, custom IT services and consulting services for companies in the insurance, finance, and healthcare sectors. As a SSAE 16 Type II audited company, Vantage Agora utilizes advanced data processing and quality control systems on a secured network to ensure efficient, comprehensive management of back-office functions such as accounting, financial and administrative tasks. Founded in 2004, Vantage Agora has offices in Cleveland and Dallas.



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