Values of Continuous Learning

Values of Continuous Learning

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Continuous learning is NOT about continually taking courses — it’s about developing skills in reflection and inquiry — it’s about learning how to learn so that your life’s experiences become your own learning lab. The concept of continuous learning has become quite prominent over the past five years. Organizations are changing rapidly. Therefore, it’s difficult to find any approach to doing anything in organizations that doesn’t soon become outdated. The concept of continuous learning has become important because it places priority on noticing, adapting and learning from change.

I would like to relate this to the Commercial Auto insurance, earlier with limited information we would depend on an Agent/Broker to get a quote or a friends suggestion to follow an insurance company without knowing what we getting into? What are the coverages we buy? Why we paying an X amount as premium?

However continuous learning has helped us realise and understand the different aspects of insurance, today we are able to understand

How Much Car Insurance We Should Buy?
How much insurance should you buy? Any insurance agent worthy of their salt will tell you that you should buy as much as you can afford

Is Our Auto Insurance Company Rated?
Several national rating institutions rate insurance companies. Do coverages, rates, and service vary from company to company? Why can you pay less with one company than another?

Which Cars Keep Our Insurance Rates Affordable?
Do you consider the cost of insurance before you buy your dream car? You should. The Highway Loss Data Institute analyzes the cost to insurance companies from theft, collision, and injury claims as they relate to cars

Factors That Affect Our Car Insurance Premium

Many factors affect the premium you will pay for auto insurance. Each is a statistically based risk for a specific population. The higher the risk associated with a person, the more he or she is likely to pay for coverage

Should I Buy Rental Car Insurance?
Rental car agencies have a menu of insurance policies they would like to sell you. While each policy could be of some benefit under the right circumstances, you should review each plan before making a purchase

Understanding How Our Credit History May Affect Our Car Insurance Coverage
many personal auto insurance companies consider your credit information when determining how much premium to charge for your insurance

Benefits/Values of continuous learning

Professionals, who are strategic about continuous learning, will reap several benefits that will transform their lives. They will:

  • Keep current with trends and developments in their industry
  • Stimulate their mind and prevent themselves from getting into a rut
  • Build a body of knowledge they can readily use to problem solve and generate great ideas
  • Make better decisions because they have more and better information to work with
  • Think more rigorously
  • Make connections among seemingly unrelated data
  • Build verbal power
  • Become recession-proof


Ways to learn

  • Take courses
  • Attend conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Observe and talk to others: Customers, competitors and colleagues

How to apply what you have learned

Learning for the sake of learning makes no sense, and is highly unproductive, especially in lives that are overbooked. Practical ways to apply learning and get more out of that newfound knowledge:

  • Form a buddy club where you cross-pollinate ideas among club members
  • Write articles about what you know
  • Develop online courses
  • Teach others what you have learned and spread the knowledge

Continuous learning is critical for professionals who wish to navigate flattened corporate structures, but the key is to strategically plan your learning objectives. As Lewis Carroll wrote in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Will anywhere be good enough for you?


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