Vantage Agora Adds Electronic Signature Capability to its ox zion Enterprise Platform

Vantage Agora Adds Electronic Signature Capability to its ox zion Enterprise Platform

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InsureSign Product Provides Secure, Simple E-Signatures for Customers/Vendors/Partners

Vantage Agora, a firm that provides insurance process outsourcing and consulting, technology services, and operations software, has added electronic signature capability to its ClubVA business enterprise platform.

Vantage Agora is offering electronic signatures through its new integration with InsureSign, an e-signature software designed for insurance professionals and used by more than 1,500 agencies. Vantage Agora is the first to offer InsureSign in a business enterprise environment, according to the company.

“Insurance agencies and carriers can now get out of the ‘print-sign-scan-fax/email’ loop, which is highly inefficient and uncompetitive in today’s technology environments,” explained Sudhir Achar, CEO of Vantage Agora.

“InsureSign’s electronic signatures are simple and secure, and can save brokers and carriers hundreds if not thousands of hours in workflow time,” added Achar. “They can and should be used for any insurance workflow or transaction that requires a signature, whether broker-applicant, carrier-broker, agent-insured, company-vendor,
company-employee, or any other transaction or relationship.”

Through InsureSign, documents can be signed on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Using electronic signatures in a business enterprise platform environment adds additional elements of efficiency. With InsureSign, ox zion users can format and send documents for e-signing within the browser-based platform. Plus, all electronically-signed documents are automatically stored in ClubVA with complete audit trails for retrieval at any time.

ABOUT Vantage Agora: Vantage Agora Inc. provides insurance process outsourcing and consulting, technology services, and operations software. Vantage Agora’s services are suited for agents, brokers, managing general agents, program managers and carriers in the property/casualty insurance market.

Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, Vantage Agora has insurance-trained staff who provide insurance back-office operations and support on a 24/7 basis. Its patent-pending ox zion browser-based business enterprise platform is a project and performance management environment combining email, actionable dashboards, document management, project tracking, performance measurement, and gamification tools.

IT services include application development, data migration, verification and validation services and consulting (business process re-engineering and business process management).

ABOUT INSURESIGN: InsureSign improves the speed and ease at which insurance professionals close business. Unlike other e-signature providers, InsureSign does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution across all industries, but offers a suite of complementing features that make insurance agents’ lives easier. InsureSign’s convenient and easy-to-use features and “drag and drop” technology allow agents to complete paperwork set-up in less than one minute and then instantly send off for signing. InsureSign’s sign-from-anywhere feature lets customers return signed paperwork within minutes.


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