Why ‘Boring Business’ means ‘Good Business’

Why ‘Boring Business’ means ‘Good Business’

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On a fine summer Friday afternoon I was out of the office for a lunch meeting. The restaurant is literally outside my golf club. As I made my way out from a distance I could see my friend (and customer) John’s car pull into the golf club. I did not have any meetings for the rest of the day, the day was just perfect and I yielded! I spun my car around and the next thing I know, I was on the first fairway with John!


“Good that you could make it this week” said John.


“You mean, you are here every Friday?” I responded.


“Pretty much…” said John, as he settle in on a putt to drain a 20 footer for a birdie.


I was surprised and asked him “But, you told me that your business going well and you have a $700 million organization, how do you manage to find the time?”



“The answer is very simple Harsha” said John literally reading my mind. “The goal is make every initiative a BORING BUSINESS. That is the way I find time.”


“But why BORING?” I enquired.


“Look when I started my company, everyday was a new challenge. It was fun, it was new. We did things we should not have from a business perspective having all of us jump at a problem and trying to solve it. We had no visibility into our own business and managed everything by email in an interrupt driven world.


But ever since we engaged with you guys in VA on the ‘P&C Insurance Back-Office’ and ‘Club VA‘ (VA’s Operation Excellence Platform) we have changed the way we work. Now I measure people and manage it on ‘Club VA‘. They take care of the business. Numbers are looking good and I am not stressed out. I am left to think about the important things. Now that BORING business!”


“Now what you are telling is that BORING = BUSINESS THAT MAKES MONEY and PROFITS because you are not jumping around to solve problems. This means you have the right, people, process and tools to have visibility into the operations both from business development, delivery and new initiatives. Is that right?” I asked.


“Exactly!” Agreed John “This has happened because I measure people and initiatives on the ‘Club VA‘ and I have full visibility to my organization wherever I am in the world. In addition, I have an Operating Rhythm that allows me to play a round of golf on Friday afternoon!” He quipped in gist as he bombed a drive down the 4th fairway.


I was impressed. John had scaled his company by using the right strategy and have the right people, partners and tools to executing his strategies to success.


If you want to learn more about executing strategies to success and bringing operational excellence into your organization you need to have a tool like Club VA and call any one of your friends at VA. We will be glad to help!


About Vantage Agora:

Vantage Agora (VA) is a global provider of social enterprise networks software products for operational excellence and back-office solutions for operations excellence along with consulting services for companies in the insurance, finance, and healthcare sectors. As a SSAE 16 Type II audited company,Vantage Agora utilizes advanced data processing and quality control systems on a secured network to ensure efficient, comprehensive management of back-office functions such as insurance, financial, and administrative tasks. Founded in 2004, Vantage Agora has offices in Cleveland and Dallas.



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