Workflow Automation Eliminates Errors for Clinical Reference Lab

Workflow Automation Eliminates Errors for Clinical Reference Lab

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By, Mehul Kenia, Solutions Architect

Business Challenge

In the medical community, Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. is a forward-thinking innovator that offers ground-breaking, scientifically proven, and medically germane biomarkers that accurately predict cardiovascular risk. Cleveland HeartLab is also known for its unique profile of tests concentrated on managing and reducing inflammation.

While Cleveland HeartLab utilized information technology systems for its program management, its corporate proprietary systems lacked configuration options, causing it to use a variety of manual checks and corrections.

All of Cleveland HeartLab’s manual operations were repetitive, inefficient, and followed a limited number of scenarios. In order to improve operational efficiencies, Cleveland HeartLab needed a solution to help decrease manual processing and ultimately reduce costs.


Vantage Agora Solution Architects worked closely with Cleveland HeartLab’s Information Technology and System Management Entities to identify the workflows and develop automation solutions.

These solutions introduced robust quality controls for the identified operational workflows. Workflow automation allowed Cleveland HeartLab to streamline and augment its business workflows by eliminating repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and reducing costs. Vantage Agora also developed a customized suite of computer automation services and scripts along with web-based tools for the effective management of data and processes.


Business Impact

With Vantage Agora’s help, Cleveland HeartLab’s instrument-to-lab automation process replaced an ineffective manual process which resulted in a 100 percent error reduction and also saved tens of thousands of dollars annually in operating expenses by eliminating entire workflows related to correcting different types of errors.

By leveraging Vantage Agora’s Business Intelligence administration system, Cleveland HeartLab’s sales and management teams were able to use the system to inform key strategic and business decisions. The system also allowed them to dynamically manage KPIs, customer demographics and reporting parameters.

“Over the last five years, Cleveland HeartLab has experienced incredible growth and as a result, we often require custom software and database solutions to meet our operational needs. We are not yet to the point where we can staff and support our own software development team or environment. We have been able to rely heavily on VA to fill that need for us. They have provided valuable and reliable systems with better quality and at a much lower cost than we could have done ourselves. They know our business and anticipate our needs better than any other vendor we use today.”  – Paul Haber, VP of Information Technology, Cleveland HeartLab



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